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Hi, I’m George, the Fit Private Chef.

My objective is to deliver a private chef experience second to none with an atmosphere which is unique and has a clear fine dining undertone. I spend a lot of time choosing the right menu combinations for Taste of George and I love to surprise and delight my guests. Most importantly Taste of George is designed for you.

I love to cook light, fresh, fusion style food. This cuisine matches my focus on fitness and healthy living. Fusion cuisine combines elements of different culinary traditions and ingredients from all over the world. The menu is mixing vegetables and fruit with fresh and delicious protein sources.

I also specialise in vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan cuisine. I carefully prepared menus for each style as I have tried all dietary styles on my own body knowing how good it feels.

I personally believe in flexitarianism which allows you to eat meat, fish and dairy products but on an occasional basis. I think this is one of the best eating styles we can proceed with.

My Food Philosophy

I keep my food as natural as possible and avoid complicated cooking methods. Simple is pure in effect –  and this helps achieve the freshness and taste the fit chef loves to give. Each individual ingredient has its place, to enhance the others and the dish . I want my guests to sample many different flavours, enjoy various textures and powerful aromas.

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